Self catering flats

The large self catering flat : Le "Grand Gîte"

"Le Grand Gîte", the lounge.
"Le Grand Gîte", the lounge.

Surface of 220m2

6 bedrooms

A 40m2 private terrace

Capacity of 16 persons

(2 children included)

2 double beds, 10 single beds, 2 bunk beds for children, 2 supplementary single beds may be added, one convertible sofa is available for one night guests.


On the ground floor : a 25m2 bedroom « la Gardienne » with a lavatory, a large lounge (35m2, comfortable for 17 people to lunch) opening on a 40m2 half-covered terrace with a barbecue, a large semi-professional kitchen, a smaller lounge to read or to watch television (with a convertible sofa to accomodate occasional visitors) and toilets.


On the first floor : 4 bedrooms with a bathroom in each one (lavatory, shower, toilets), for 2,3 or 4 person.


The bedroom called « Le module bas » ( 2 persons) is at the level of the garden, under the lounge of « Le Grand Gîte ». It is equipped solely with a lavatory. You reach the room by an inner stair.


The medium self-catering flat : Le "Cantou"

"Le Cantou", the south oriented terrace.
"Le Cantou", the south oriented terrace.

Surface of 160 m2

3 bedrooms + one attic bedroom

A 40 m2 private terrace

Capacity of 8 persons including 2 children

1 double bed, 4 single beds, bunk beds for children, an attic bedroom equipped with 2 single beds for occasional guests.


Opening at Eastern 2012


On the ground floor, a lounge with a kitchenette (25m2) opening on a 40m2 terrace (half covered) with a summer kitchen, a bedroom (16m2), shower and toilets.

On the first floor, 2 bedrooms (20m2 each) for 2 to 4 persons, a large bath room (with a shower and a bath), toilets. Above the bathroom, an attic bedroom (for 2 persons), lightened by a roof window.


The small self-catering flat « La Clède »

"La clède", the living room.
"La clède", the living room.


Surface of 50m2

1 or 2 bedrooms

A 30m2 private terrace

Capacity of 4 persons

4 single beds,

1 convertible sofa

On the ground floor a lounge (25m2, large enough to accomodate 6 persons for a meal) with a kitchenette, a convertible sofa and a chimney, opening on a 30m2 terrace.


On the 1 floor, 1 bedroom (18m2) for 2 persons and a bathroom (lavatory, shower, toilets).


The separate bedroom « Le Module haut » (for 2 persons) which is situated 5 m away from La Clède,can be rented in addition to « La Clède ».


The largest self-catering flat « Le Grand Mas »

« Le Grand Mas » consists in the addition of « Le Grand Gîte » and « le Cantou » which can be reunited simply by opening two doors situated between the two flats.

"Le Grand mas", North side in Spring.
"Le Grand mas", North side in Spring.

Surface of 400m2

10 Bedrooms

A total of 80m2 private terrace

Capacity of 26 persons (including 4 children)

3 double beds, 18 single beds, 4 bunk beds for children or small teenagers, 1 converetible sofa (for one night gests)

You will appreciate le Grand Mas for a large familly meeting, a special birthday party (a wedding aniversary for exemple) or a seminar. You will be able to dance, stage a show or work in proper conditions in the multifunction room and reach back your bedrooms without having to walk outside.


NB : You have the possibility to add three more bedrooms (for 6 persons) to « Le Grand Mas » if you rent the whole structure. In that case the shared spaces on the estate turn into private spaces